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Bank Street Unitarian Chapel

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Minister's Message

April's Theme: Resurrection


"To die - for this into the world you came.

Yes, to abandon more than you ever conceived possible."

Edward Carpenter


There is a theme of spiritual death in many of the world's great religions and myths. We must die to the old if we wish to be born to the new - this is the message we find said in lots of different ways, including in the Christian telling of Easter.

The point is that the spiritual life is not always a matter of gentle "growth" - but often involves a real (and painful) death of what has gone before. It is sometimes only when something has died, that we see something new come to life.

This year I am particularly thinking about Halliwell Road Free Church, who held their last service one year ago, on Easter Sunday. That church has now died. It's time has gone, and there's inevitable sadness in that. But in the last year we have witnessed a new resurrection happening, as the people of Halliwell Road have joined here at Bank Street.

I believe together we are much stronger. I believe it has been a mutually enriching experience to have joined our congregations together. I believe we have witnessed a resurrection. Let's give thanks for this.

Happy Easter,



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