Bank Street Unitarian Chapel

Open Hearts Open Minds

Who we are


Open Hearts and Open Minds

Established 1672

Our purpose is to inspire spiritual journeys, engaging with the world with open hearts and open minds.

Since 1672 Bank Street Unitarian Chapel in Bolton has stood for a faith based on love, tolerance, open-minded spirituality, and a deep engagement with the world.

Our faith is rooted in Jesus' teaching of love and justice, but open also to revelation from all religions and all human striving.

We encourage each person to understand God, or the Sacred, or the spiritual journey, in a way which makes sense to them.

What we believe is not as important to us as what we love and how we live.

Weddings, civil partnerships, naming ceremonies and funerals are all conducted at the Chapel. Please get in touch for more details.

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Our History

The Chapel was founded in 1672 on Deansgate and moved to Bank Street in 1696. The present building was built in 1856.

The Chapel has a long history of engaging with the world and supporting many progressive causes in the history of Bolton. The first two mayors of Bolton were members of the Chapel. Many members were Suffragettes and trade unionists. The Bolton Whitman disciples met at the Chapel. More recently Fortalice Hostel, Bolton Interfaith Council and Bolton Street Angels can also trace their histories back to Bank Street Unitarian Chapel.

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