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Child Blessings and Namings

Child Blessings and Namings

The birth of a baby is naturally a time for celebration. Many families want a celebration for the birth of a child, a ceremony that celebrates the child and confirms their name. In some Christian churches this takes the forms of a Baptism or Christening. However you may feel uncomfortable with the language and beliefs of such a ceremony.

Unitarians do not see children as needing to be “cleansed” in any way; we believe children are born into an Original Blessing. We also believe that a child must grow up and choose their own religious or spiritual path. Therefore our blessing ceremonies are simple acts of the celebration of the child, the blessing of their life, and the commitment of parents and godparents to the physical and spiritual welfare of the child.

Our child blessing ceremonies take place as part of our Sunday morning service. They usually involve promises from parents and godparents, and a simple ceremony of blessing, usually involving water and a rose. In the choice of words as well as the ceremony itself our minister will work with the family to create a ceremony that is meaningful to you. We will not ask you to say anything that you don’t believe.

You do not need to be a member of our church or a Unitarian to hold a child blessing ceremony with us. We welcome all.

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